Guide to Preparing Buyers for a Smooth Title Insurance Transaction

Get a preliminary search done on a home where an offer has been accepted. This can check for liens or judgments on the home, check the names on the deed, and see what kind of financial obligations the seller may have ahead of time before the listing is on the market. 

Discuss the need for a new certified survey on the property they purchase with the buyers. This is not an item that should be considered unnecessary and too costly. Surveys are conducted by professional land surveyors. It is important for the new owners to know the boundaries of the premises and where the improvements, sheds, fences, etc., are located and to locate or disclose any encroachments or mislocation of improvements. 

Agents have the advantage of working with in-house title sales reps/closers. This enables the agent to have more access and have a  handle on the deal. In-house closers review and prepare the title report themselves and reach out to the attorneys to clear any outstanding issues prior to closing.

We can order Title early before contracts are signed in order to get a head start early in the process. We don’t charge a cancellation fee.

Agents and sellers should work with seasoned local real estate attorneys so they are aware of the process and can navigate a real estate transaction accurately and efficiently. 

Agents need to be aware of the requirements for ordering municipal searches (COs/violations searches) for each town and the time frame for when these searches come back. This will set realistic expectations regarding the time frame of the transaction for their clients. Municipal searches are provided by the title company “For Informational Purposes Only”