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When you package your home and auto insurance, YOU SAVE! Most of the Hudson Group’s insurance providers offer discounts to clients that package their home and auto policies. Once your current auto policy is thoroughly reviewed by a Hudson Group Auto Specialist, he or she may be able to provide you with other money-saving opportunities.

Looking to reduce points on your license or your auto insurance premium?

Take a Defensive Driving Class Near You


Auto Insurance is required by most states in order to register a vehicle. This protects you from damage/theft to your vehicle, as well as financial loss and liability issues that can occur after a car accident.

Basic protections from auto insurance policies include:

  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Liability issues (legal responsibility for injury and property damage of others)
  • Medical coverage for injuries and rehabilitation
  • Collision
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

It is important to sit with an insurance agent to go over all of your options for a comprehensive and affordable auto policy. We have many options for coverage at rates that fit your budget.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a casual rider or a hardcore motorcyclist, our motorcycle policy offers protection for you, for your bike and for your accessories. Our policy is designed to meet the personal and financial needs of most motorcycle owners.

All you need to do is choose the type of coverage and deductibles that best cover your motorcycle and your lifestyle, and we'll do the rest. We offer competitive prices and convenient payment plans, and we'll place your coverage with a company that has the financial stability to be there when you need them the most. We hope you never have a bad day, but if you do, our motorcycle insurance coverage is designed to help turn it around.

It’s likely that you'll qualify for some of our discounts that will make your motorcycle insurance premiums even lower. We want you to enjoy your ride with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you're covered.

You may qualify for a number of discounts including:

  • Insuring more than one motorcycle
  • Mature riders
  • Renewals
  • Credit for qualified safety courses
  • Multi-policies with our company

Discounts that could significantly lower your insurance premium aren’t the only reason to place your policy with us. Competitive pricing, customer service, and peace of mind are more reasons to put us to work for you. We'll help you design a policy to meet your needs as a proud motorcycle owner. We’ll show what coverage may be available and how to get the personalized protection you need.

Even if you've been riding for years, it's a good idea to take a close look at your motorcycle insurance coverage. Things change, times change, and chances are your policy may need to be updated to meet your ever-changing lifestyle.

You've worked hard to get where you are, and you have a lot to look out for. You deserve the right policy at the right price.


Your recreational vehicle (RV) was purchased for fun. You shouldn't have to waste time thinking about a possible accident or unforeseen event when you're traveling and enjoying your investment.

RV insurance offers legal and financial protection for a wide range of circumstances. If you are ever involved in an accident, or if your RV is damaged by fire, vandalism, theft or other situation, The Hudson Group can provide you with protection to lessen the blow and get you back on the road as soon as possible. RV insurance also comes in handy if you get hurt in an accident and need coverage for medical expenses.

The Hudson Group is with you as you explore the open road. Whether you’re taking a weekend trip or going coast to coast, we have the policy to help protect your vehicle. Our recreational vehicle insurance has the coverage options to help meet your needs.


Things to Consider

When the days are clear and weather is warm, we know that the first thing on your mind is going out on the water. Your boat allows you to get away from all the stress and pressure of the mainland, and kick back by yourself or with good friends. Whether you use your boat to fish, cruise, or race, we know it must be pretty difficult to picture your life without it. At The Hudson Group, we make sure that you enjoy your time on the water, without having to worry about what could go wrong. Our agency specializes in writing insurance policies for boaters, so you can be certain we will provide you with the best protection available. We understand the differences between power boaters, sailors, and commercial fishermen, and can tailor an insurance policy to your unique needs.

Our watercraft insurance plans can provide you with coverage against many different types of loss. We offer:

  • Medical Payments CoverageWe offer Medical coverage that can take care of your eligible medical expenses if you get hurt while on the water.
  • Physical Damage CoverageThis optional coverage is typically designed to take care of your boat, motor, and trailer. Our agents will help you determine the right amount of physical damage coverage for each boat on your policy. You will also need to choose a deductible (the amount you would pay on a claim) before your policy kicks in.
  • Liability CoverageIf you’re involved in an accident, there’s a good chance another person or another watercraft is involved. And if you’re at fault, you’ll need liability coverage. You can choose a lot of liability coverage or a little – it’s up to you. We'll show you what coverage and limits may be available, and how to get the maximum personalized protection you need.

Whether you’re a lifelong boater or just getting started, it’s always a good idea to take a close look at your new or existing marine policy. We can help. Fill out our quick and simple online form to learn how The Hudson Group can keep you safe and secure with a marine insurance policy.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you have a lot to look out for. You deserve the right policy at the right price. Happy boating!


Let’s face it, off-road vehicles (ORVs) are fun. ORV insurance is a critical tool to make sure you keep them fun. Whether you are a recreational all terrain vehicle (ATV) rider or whether you use your side-by-side to manage miles of fence line, having it damaged, wrecked, or stolen can cause loss of time and money. We can provide different types of off road vehicle insurance to cover different types of vehicle needs.

ATV Insurance

ATVs, quad, four wheelers – whatever name you call it, the fun is still just as good. If you’re using it as a weekend cruiser, running around the farm or taking it hunting, having your ATV is a lot of fun, but it’s also a big investment. What happens if it’s sitting in the garage and a poorly placed battery ruins the gas tank and engine? Does your homeowner insurance cover it? What if you’re not on your property and have an accident? Are you or your ATV covered? Even worse, if someone steals your ATV from your backyard, or if it’s hit while you’re waiting for it to load it onto the trailer at your favorite trail – how are you going to replace it?

If you’re lucky enough to have a state managed four wheeler trail network you’re most likely going to need insurance for your quad to ride on state land. We can help with all of these scenarios.

Dirt Bike Insurance

Race on the weekend at your local track? Ride recreationally? A dirt bike is a big investment. Many people who compete in enduro rides have to be registered and insured – even hare scrambles can require coverage for your vehicle. If you participate in activities where coverage is required, we can design the right policy to protect your dirt bike.

Side-by-side and Full-size 4wd’s

Many off-road or unregistered vehicles are very valuable. You wouldn’t buy an $8,000 car and not insure it, but would you buy a side-by-side and leave it uninsured? If you’re a rock crawler, why wouldn’t you protect your $30,000 toy from liability, uninsured accidents and theft? If it falls off a trailer, will you pay damages out of pocket? If your Jeep rolls over and damages someone else’s vehicle, who will cover those damages? Many off-road toys are a big investment, but owners simply don’t think they need coverage because they’re not on the road. Don’t leave your side-by-side, Jeep, or buggy vulnerable to anything other than the trails you’re on.


Nothing beats waking up at the crack of dawn to a thick blanket of snow. The days when the powder is perfectly packed are your days to jump on your snowmobile. When you’re gliding through the white stuff on your sled, the last thing on your mind is what could go wrong.

But what if something does go wrong? If something unexpected happens, a snowmobile insurance policy through The Hudson Group will make is easy for you to get back on your sled as soon as possible. We offer insurance policies that protect you, your passenger and your snowmobile. As an independent insurance agency, we can shop the country to find you the most appropriate and affordable coverage for your individual needs.

When the snow is calling, you don't want to be held up insurance shopping. Go out and enjoy the fresh powder— leave the insurance to us.

You've worked hard to get where you are, and you have a lot to look out for.