Hudson United Partner Advantage Program

Close More Leads!

Select Your Preferred Loan Officer to receive Hudson Partner Advantage Benefit today

When agents partner with a Hudson United Mortgage Loan Officer, amazing things can happen.

Select your preferred loan officer now and receive the following benefits

  • Industry-Leading Prequalifications

    Get your borrower pre-qualification letters fast and free with a loan officer you trust.

  • Increased Exposure

    We help get your name out and increase your market visibility.

  • Better Time Management

    We help with client follow-up and hand-holding.  Manage more clients at once!

  • "Just Listed" PPE Kits

    Each new listing gets a Personal Protective Equipment Care Package.

  • Higher Conversion

    Customers working with an agent and loan officer together close more often. Communications are co-branded and personalized.

  • More Insights on Customer Behavior

    Better understanding of what leads are converting and when they are likely to convert.

Additional Marketing Support

  • Property Landing Pages

  • Coming Soon! Pages

  • Mortgage Rate Flyers

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