Self-Employed? We Specialize in Getting You a Great Mortgage at a Great Rate.

We understand that securing a mortgage can be frustrating for self-employed workers.  The fact is that in New York, there is a very high concentration of self-employed workers who are interested in financing their home purchase.

You may have difficulty  proving your "true" income through tax returns, and some banks may view you as a higher credit risk because being self-employed is viewed as "unstable"

We are the "go-to" resource for many local borrowers who are self-employed.  We have access to an array of mortgages for self-employed borrowers.

In many cases, rather than relying on tax returns or W2 statements, we can work with your current and past bank statements to prove your ability to re-pay your loan.

Better still, often we can use personal bank statements, business bank statements, or a combination of the two to help you qualify.

In addition to bank statements, we can also utilize CPA prepared profit and loss statements from your business as proof of income if they are available.

The bottom line is this: Hudson United Mortgage is dedicated to helping self-employed borrowers secure the loan so they can purchase the home of their dreams.

In fact, we are one of the largest lenders in Rockland and Orange counties to serve local real estate agents, one of the populations largest group of self-employed borrowers.

Contact Renee Short NMLS: 409613 at (845) 8258063 or by e-mail at Or, if you complete the questions on the right of your screen, Renee will call you.

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