We Love Co-Ops!

Co-operative apartments are a form of home ownership unique to metro NYC. Unfortunately, quite often there are obstacles to obtaining financing for apartments in these buildings that have to be carefully navigated.

At Hudson United Mortgage, LLC we have both the programs and the expertise to help you have a smooth transaction. We provide financing solutions for the standard co-op transaction along with those that other lenders might find too challenging. Our transaction types include:

-Conventional Loans to $484,350;

-Agency Jumbo to $726,525;

-Super Jumbo to $5,000,000;

-First Time Buyer programs;

-“Kiddy Co-op” programs;

-Underlying Mortgages;

-Non-Warrantable Co-ops;

-Investor transactions (Minimum $150,000 mortgage amount);

-Non-Occupant CoBorrower;


Our loan programs often include both fixed and adjustable rate options (ARMs), but we work with our applicants to arrive at solution that will work best for their individual transaction.

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